South Manchester Match Angling Club are a friendly and competitive match fishing group. We organise matches throughout the year for our members to compete for several prestigious trophies on some of the best venues in the North of England.

Our members help with running the club as we broke the mold from the norm and have a 'steering group' opposed to a 'committee'. The steering group are volunteers from our members who partake in the day to day running of the club. Any major decisions are always put to our members as a vote and we have gone from strength to strength over the last few seasons as a result of this - we really are a club run by the members for the members.

We hope you enjoy our website, if you are interested in joining us please visit our ‘new member’s page’ and feel free to make contact.


General Match Information

  • All matches are on a Sunday with draw time 8am sharp unless told otherwise
  • All matches are 6 hours where venues allow
  • All fishery rules must be adhered to in full
  • Members should behave appropriately and should treat other members with the utmost respect
  • For booking on a match you will receive a text message – respond ASAP to these texts to let us know if you want to book on or if you are unavailable
  • Some matches may be over-subscribed – please book on a match AS SOON AS POSSIBLE if you would like to fish
  • To book off a match contact the match secretary – this must be done by the Thursday prior to the match
  • The club operate a championship for all members throughout the match season, run on a point’s basis, with the two worst results for an individual being dropped. A number of prestigious trophies are also awarded: League Champion, League Runner up, Pairs Competition, Biggest Match Weight, Biggest Fish

Points and Payout Description:

  • Every Match is split into 5, 6 or 7 sections depending on the venue/anglers attending
  • The top 1 or 2 in each section are paid out evenly depending on the number of anglers entering the pools - the payout table is below, in the event of a joint section win the pay-out will be split evenly and each angler will receive 6 points
  • Points are scored as per the list below:
  • 1st place = 6 points
  • 2nd place = 5 points
  • 3rd place = 4 points
  • 4th place = 3 points
  • 5th place = 2 points
  • 6th place and below = 1 point
  • DNW but stayed until the end = 1 point
  • DNW and left before end = 0 points

In the event of a tie in the league whereby 2 or more anglers finish on the same points the league placing will be decided on total accumulative weight not including the weights recorded in the 2 'dropped matches' in the unlikely event there is still a tie the number of section wins will be taken into account.

  • There will be an optional 'super pool' run every match where by anglers who wish to enter can pay an additional £5 and the highest placed angler from the 'super pool' entrants will win the money - this will be extended to upto three payouts depending on number of entrants
  • A bonus peg competition is run alongside normal pools, whereby if an angler wins the match and is also on the bonus peg, he collects the bonus funds accrued to this date to a maximum of £200. If the bonus is won more than twice in a season it will not be drawn for the rest of the year. Any bonus money left at the end of each year will be put into the teams of 4 competition for the following year
  • Each match is £10 to enter the main pools with money being split evenly between the section framing places  as per the table below:
  • The payouts have been rounded down to the nearest £1 - any money not paid out on the day will be put in the teams of 4 competition payout for the end of the season
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