Date: 19.05.19


The first of 2 trips to the Cunneries fishery saw 35 anglers spread across the S Canal and Hawk lakes. With the recent warm weather expectations were high for a good match – unfortunately the S Canal just didn’t produce the goods on the day meaning 7 out of the top 10 weights came from Hawk Lake which was pretty unexpected. It was only after the match I found out there had been a big charity match held on S Canal the day before which could have been the reason for the fish going into hiding!


Before I start the report I would like to congratulate Carl O’Brien and Pete Boggiano who represented SMAC at the recent Garbolino Club angler qualifier – for the first time since we have been doing this both nominated anglers have qualified for the final at Barston lakes – Good luck guys J


Section A – S Canal Pegs 1 - 12

1st = Carl O’Brien 59lb 15oz

2nd = Tommy Edwards 32lb 12oz


Carl O’Brien put in another cracking performance from peg 12 catching late down the edge on banded pellet to secure his 3rd section win of the season – Carl has only dropped 1 point so far and is on fire – this was the highest weight across the entire S Canal so well done Carl!! Second in the section was Tommy Edwards who’s also had a solid start to the season scoring 19 points so far from 4 matches.


Section B – S Canal pegs 15 - 25

1st = Chris Gabz 41lb 5oz

2nd = John Crowther 27lb 3oz


Chris Gabz picks up his second section win on the bounce with a top performance from peg 21 lightly feeding maggots with maggot hook bait was the trick so well done Chris – a bit of a wobbly first 2 matches but back on form now. John Crowther did ace to finish in second place with a decent weight so well done John…. Even better beating your son off the next peg!


Section C – S Canal pegs 26 - 36

1st = Paul Tighe 55lb 5oz

2nd = Tony Webb 20lb 0oz


Paul Tighe came second on the lake and won his section with a net of F1’s falling to worm in 18” of water tight across on the mudline, well done Paul – hopefully you got all the worm dirt off your immaculate gear! Second went to Tony Webb with a measly 20lb – shocking!


Section D – S Canal pegs 38 - 46

1st = Ian Clarkson 27lb 3oz

2nd = Steve Tomo 22lb 6oz


Ian Clarkson made a switch to worm halfway through the match which proved to be an ingenious move and picked him up a few vital fish to win section D from peg 38, Steve Tomo was on the next peg and managed to foul hook his way to second in the section – well done guys.  


Section E – Hawk pegs 1, 2 & 15 - 19

1st = Ian Coleman 69lb 15oz

2nd = Jason Suggett 67lb 11oz


Ian Coleman and Jason Suggett fought a close battle with Ian coming out on top by just over 2lb. Ian fished Maggott feeding micros down the edges and Jay fished close in on maggots for the entire match! Well done chaps.


Section F – Hawk pegs 4 - 12

1st = Steve Barlow 67lb 13oz

2nd = Andy Sonley 66lb 11oz


Steve Barlow remembered to keep all 3 nets in the water this match and picked up a section win by just over a pound over Andy Sonley, well done guys a close battle!!


Below are the photos taken on the day:




Date: 05.05.19


Our first of 4 trips to the club favourite Heronbrook fisheries saw a reduced field of 29 anglers split across Meadow and Bridge pools with tons of space to play with as there were quite a few members down at Whiteacres for their annual trip. There were reports of the fishing not being too great on the complex over the previous few days but when Heronbrook isn’t fishing too well it’s still miles better than most places!


Section A – Meadow pegs 2 - 13

1st = Dave Coleman 110lb 12oz

2nd = Tommy Edwards 105lb 7oz


Dave Coleman and Tommy Edwards battled out a close match from adjacent pegs on 11 and 9 respectively. Dave came out on top by just over 5lb with a cracking ton up weight. Dave struggled with his hard pellet lines across and down the track so moved on to fishing the margins with micros and expanders down one side and groundbait and caster down the other which equated to 70% of his fish – well done Dave a cracking result after struggling at old hough 2 weeks ago!


Section B – Meadow pegs 15 - 27

1st = Chris Gabz 89lb 15oz

2nd = Steve Tomo 79lb 2oz


Section B was won from peg 27 by Chris Gabz who fished a simple but positive match across on the method feeder with micros and 6mm hookbait pinging 4mm over the top which was enough to edge out Steve Tomo into second place, nice work Chris.


Section C – Meadow pegs 29 - 44

1st = Dave Bennett 159lb 7oz

2nd = Ste Hammerton 92lb 11oz


On peg 42 Dave Bennett struggled fishing caster shallow for the first part of the match with loads of missed indications – he then switched to white maggot shallow in the last 2 hours to put the biggest weight of the day on the scales and his best SMAC match weight to date, well done Dave a cracking effort! Ste Hammerton also had a good day but fell just short of the ton up mark from peg 29 well done and unlucky mate!


Section D – Bridge pegs 1 - 14

1st = Tony Webb 122lb 4oz

2nd = Pete Boggiano 70lb 13oz


Tony Webb drew the best peg in the UK in Bridge peg 1 and won the section comfortably fishing banded micros [oh yeah bell end] down the track and meat down the edge finishing 42lb ahead of Pete Boggiano who drew the worst peg in the UK but managed to salvage a result fishing micros and dead reds down the edge like a true hero.


Section E – Bridge pegs 17 - 29

1st = Phil Zahra 74lb 4oz

2nd = Carl O’Brien 73lb 13oz


Phil Zahra and Carl O’Brien [or Carl Ryan as he’s know down south] had a proper close match in section E with Phil ouncing out Carl from peg 22 with 74lb 4oz and Carls 73lb 13oz from peg 26 was just shy of the section win. Phil caught sporadically on caster shallow at 15” depth and then moved down the edge on corn over micros in the last hour, well done Phil, a timely return to form!


Below are the photos taken on the day:




Date: 21.04.19


Another great turnout for the second match of 2019 where 37 anglers were greeted with a boiling hot Easter Sunday day. Everyone at the draw fancied Big Max as some half decent weights had been coming off there over the last few weeks and it proved to be right as 9 out of the top 10 weights on the day came from this lake. Goose and Boulders both fished really hard but it meant for a close match on these lakes.


Section A – Big max pegs 1 - 10

1st = Brandon Pelling 84lb 4oz

2nd = Stu Ford 70lb 12oz

Brandon Pelling made the most of a good draw pulling out peg 1 on Big Max and made the most of a good margin fishing 13m down the edge on hard pellet to win the section and the overall match, well done Brandon – top of the Tier 2 league after 2 matches. Stu Ford came second with a nice 70lb from peg 10 which moves him up to second in the tier 2 league so well done to him too.


Section B – Big max pegs 12 - 21

1st = Steve Barlow 54lb 7oz

2nd = Alan Hesling 48lb 12oz

Steve Barlow and Alan Hesling fought a close match from adjacent pegs on 18 and 19 with Steve Barlow coming out on top by just over 5lb. a second section win for Steve puts him 3rd in the league and Alan has also had a good start with 11 points from his first 2 matches.


Section C – Big max pegs 23 - 32

1st = Ged Smith 66lb 5oz

2nd = Phil Zahra 66lb 1oz

Ged Smith fished the method across and corn down the margins from peg 29 to just ounce out Phil Zahra from peg 23. Ged also landed the biggest fish of the year so far with a 12lb 2oz carp falling right at the death – Phil said it was foul hooked but I don’t believe him!


Section D – Goose pegs 1 - 8

1st = Pete Boggiano 39lb 6oz

2nd = Eamonn Boulger 33lb 5oz

Pete had to watch Eamonn catching all day from peg 3 and thought the section win was out of reach but Eamonn’s fish were a smaller stamp and Pete managed to snatch the win in the last hour with a good run of fish on hard pellet just off the point of the island. A second section win for Pete puts him second in the league


Section E – Goose pegs 10 - 18

1st = Tommy Edwards 30lb 7oz

2nd = Tony Webb 23lb 13oz

The toughest section of the day was won by Tommy Edwards from peg 16 on Goose and second was Tony Webb from peg 12


Section F – Boulders pegs 1 - 10

1st = Carl O’Brien 39lb 6oz

2nd = Gary Marsland 34lb 12oz

Carl O’Brien picks up his second section win in 2 matches and is top of the individual league. Carl fished corn over micros at 14.5m from peg 6 to win the section only marginally in front of Gary Marsland from peg 8.


Section G – Boulders pegs 11 - 20

1st = Ian Coleman 56lb 5oz

2nd = Ady Wood 40lb 5oz

Ian Coleman is back with a bang, after missing most of last year Ian is ready for a good season and his first match of 2019 shows he’s up for it. Probably the performance of the day putting 56lb on the scales and the only angler not on Big Max in the top 10 overall so well done to him, Ian fished up the far shelf feeding micros and fishing 4mm hard pellet from peg 11. Nice one Ian. Ady Wood came second in the section from peg 16, well done also to Ady.


Below are the photos taken on the day:





Date: 07.04.19


Here we go again!! A highly anticipated season is ahead of us and a great turnout of 37 for the first match at Bradshaws with everyone having high hopes for the next 7 months of cracking matches. We were split over 3 lakes on the complex with a huge array of pegs to work with, some of which were fancied draws way more than others but with late reports of lake 4 not fishing brilliant a curve ball was thrown into the mix!


Section A – Lake 4 Pegs 3 - 10

1st = Derek Wood 54lb 0oz

2nd = Dave Coleman 40lb 12oz


The early pegs on Lake 4 can produce some good weights on their day but they can also be a bit of a grind. Derek Wood produced the goods from peg 6 with 54lb of shallow F1’s on banded pellet up to the floating island and Dave Coleman came in second place with 40lb from peg 4 which is a decent result from that peg for Dave, nice one guys.


Section B – Lake 4 Pegs 12 - 23

1st = Carl O’Brien 139lb 11oz

2nd = Tony Webb 90lb 0oz


Carl showed us he is a top contender for the championship by putting in an early performance that smashed the overall match. Carl fished at 16m up to the floating island pinging 4mm pellets to catch 112 F1’s and 4 carp shallow between 4ft and 2ft deep. This is a pretty epic performance seeing as he had to double ship due to the bank behind him which resulted in him losing a top kit right at the end of the day – there’s about 2 grands worth of Carls poles in lake 4 if anyone fancies a swim?! Second place went to birthday bell end Tony Webb who started off planning a rod only match which came to an end after a fruitless hour or so resulting in Tony getting the margin swim going for a cracking weight.


Section C – Lake 4 Pegs 25 - 33

1st = Jason Suggett 61lb 14oz

2nd = Ady Wood 30lb 5oz


Jason kept things nice and simple from the wall side of lake 4 and fished one approach throughout the match to weigh in a cracking net of silvers with a bonus 4 F1s and a 4lb Tench to win the section comfortably – the method was banded caster at 2ft deep – top fishing Jason, well done. Ady was second in the section with 30lb 5oz


Section D – Lake 3 Pegs 1 - 11

1st = Steve Barlow 66lb 14oz

2nd = Ged Smith 47lb 13oz


Steve Barlow and Ged Smith battled it out on adjacent pegs on the wall side of Lake 3 with Steve Barlow coming out on top with 66lb. well done guys.


Section E – Lake 3 Pegs 13 - 27

1st = Pete Boggiano 101lb 7oz

2nd = Paul Tighe 64lb 7oz


Pete Boggiano didn’t fancy his draw on the causeway but early signs of fish were promising. Pete started the match fishing maggot through the water at 6m for about 10lb of silvers in the first 40 mins whilst building up a hard pellet line at 14m towards the lilly pads. After an hour or so Pete moved onto this line which was only 4.5ft deep pinging 4mm coppens pellets with 6mm coppens pellet on the hook and caught F1s steadily all day, Pete had about 10 F1s shallow with the rest firmly on the deck. A good solid start to the season for last year’s champion! A top performance from Paul Tighe on unfancied peg 13 took second in the section with 64lb of ide caught shallow on maggot – nice work Paul!


Section F – Lake 6

1st = Alan Hesling 56lb 2oz

2nd = Andy Sonley 51lb 4oz


Lake 6 fished the hardest of all the lakes with only one side producing decent weights where Alan Hesling and Andy sonly battled out a really close match. Alan came out on top by just over 5lb, Alan caught F1s shallow pinging pellets which seems to be the best method on the day. Well done guys a good result from a difficult lake!


Below are the photos taken on the day:


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